eVTOL/UAM Aircraft Certification

uAvionix is developing the next generation of avionics for electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) aircraft. These aircraft are the future of aviation and the way our society will mobilize in the near future.  Powered by batteries and alternative fuels, eVTOL UAM aircraft require radically different solutions than those that currently exist.  The next generation of avionics must be smaller, lighter and consume less power in order to support longer flight times, higher payloads, and non-traditional aircraft designs.

uAvionix is making advancements in integrated low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) solutions to address Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance needs for the next generation.

Rethink Certification

uAvionix has pioneered the certification of modern, integrated complex-Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) products in aviation solutions. uAvionix holds multiple Technical Standard Orders (TSOs) leveraging new technologies while maintaining safety by meeting appropriate Design Assurance Levels (DAL). With our experienced team of passionate innovators and engineers, we can provide customized technical data packages in support of aircraft type certification.

Design Assurance

Aviation once represented mankind's ability to defy the impossible and push limits to achieve greatness, often at great risk. Now aviation and air transportation stand as the safest form of travel in history. This reliability and safety that many take for granted is thanks to rigorous industry standards, standards designed to ensure that systems meet rigorous performance and integrity standards across a broad array of conditions. uAvionix is proud to be an authority in progressive, risk-based certification, blending traditional standards with innovative approaches to rapidly achieve groundbreaking results.

Guidance Systems

SWaP certified GPS.

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) requires navigation systems and components that meet the precision and integrity needs of the mission. uAvionix's GPS solutions are up to the task. truFYX is the SWaP GPS is pending certification under TSO-145e. Available in multiple form-factors – the truFYX high integrity GPS provides position assurance to a UAM navigation and broadcast systems.

Our all-in-one 3DFYX GPS Receiver and Antenna Puck for UAM reduces weight and consolidates the need for additional cables and antennas. The 3DFYX coordinates with multiple Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) constellations to deliver superior position data. Multiple 3DFYX units can be combined for redundancy and computation of heading and altitude for Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) aiding and backup. The combined solution provides reliable heading in situations where magnetometers and single GPS solutions cannot. Parallel data outputs simultaneously deliver position with aviation integrity for navigation and high-precision Kalman filtered computations for use by other systems.


Communications Systems

The lifeblood of command and control of autonomous solutions.

Datalinks need to be robust and diverse in order to ensure every message is received every time.

uAvionix is developing UAM Command and Non-Payload Control (CNPC) links for absolute control over your unmanned aircraft. Our externally mounted SkyLink Blade contains dual radios and antennas for frequency and spatial diversity with polarization gain. Our CNPC radios are based on the RTCA DO-363 standard. SkyLink Blade operates in the ISM band with the ability to band shift to open L-band frequencies without any impact on the user or control pane protocols. Combine up to 3 SkyLink Blades on a single UAM for an even more reliable, uninterrupted connection.

Start developing and testing your UAM platform today with SkyLink Blade's little brother microLink, an ISM license-free telemetry radio that seamlessly upgrades to a ready-to-deploy certified solution seamlessly.


Detect and Avoid Systems

Separation involves both communications with ATM/UTM, but also Detect and Avoid (DAA) technologies that allow the UAM to see and be seen in coordination with other airspace users. Examples of these technologies include ADS-B IN and OUT, Mode S Transponders for TCAS/ACAS coordination and ATC surveillance, Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communications for intent declarations, and Remote Identification (RID) for security and public awareness. uAvionix's product suite encompasses all of these technologies.

uAvionix's new tailBeaconX is one ADS-B OUT Transponder designed for the needs of eVTOL aircraft. tailBeaconX integrates a complete Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) OUT transponder and antenna with remote control interface into an externally mounted nav light enclosure. With a smaller footprint and zero components internal to the aircraft, tailBeaconX eliminates cable weight and reduces the need for complex wiring. The patented design is visible to terrestrial and space-based ADS-B systems. With tailBeaconX, your eVTOL or UAM aircraft will be globally compliant with airspace regulations for Mode C, Mode S, or ADS-B airspace.


ADS-B transmitters are now required for most aircraft operating in controlled airspace in the United States. This makes ADS-B the highest performance and cost-effective DAA technology in the airspace. pingRX is a small and light dual-frequency ADS-B receiver available. At just 5 grams, pingRX detects ADS-B signals far beyond Well Clear volumes, turning self-separation into minor-strategic adjustments, rather than last-minute avoidance maneuvers. Available as a product and as an OEM module, pingRX provides critical information about the potential threat including identification, type, position, and vector.


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