About the company
Aeroer Technology Co., Ltd.

Aeroer is a dealer company focused on ATC, avionics and radar technology. From its foundation in 2010, Aeroer is principally engaged in ADS-B products and radar processing software. With the better understanding of clients' requirement, Aeroer's business now covers ATM/CNS, general aviation, VTS, coastal surveillance and UAV market. Aeroer supports CAAC, ATMB, Maritime Bureaus, CETC, CEC, AVIC, CSSC, airlines, aircraft/UAV/eVTOL manufacturers, general aviation companies, flight schools, universities, research institutes and etc.

Aeroer has successfully helped several top research institutes export their high performance equipment to international markets. We have built a close relationship with many high-tech vendors of China. If you're looking for professional and customized products such as PSR/SSR/SMR, Beidou ADS-B, security radars, millimeter radars, please don't hesitate to contact us, we're willing to build a bridge to satisfy your requirements. We believe connection creates value. 

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