Airport perimeter security

AEROER is the partner of Navtech Radar company, who is the world famous radar security professional company. We provided the AdvanceGuard Solutions for airport and other wide area with intrusion detection and tracking solution.


AdvanceGuard ground surveillance security radar system provides a highly effective and cost-saving, wide area intrusion detection and tracking solution as an advanced alternative to manned guarding arrangements. With high reliability detection inside and outside of the perimeter, AdvanceGuard is an intelligent real-time tracking solution for large area security of critical applications such as airports, vital national infrastructure, nuclear power stations, and many other installations. Our solutions help optimise budgets and produce efficiency of processes allowing customers to reduce overheads.

How does AdvanceGuard work? AdvanceGuard uses a high frequency radar to scan the area and advanced tracking algorithms to follow intruders' movements. The system includes a simple to use site map to enable a control room operator to identify the location of people or vehicles as they move within the area being monitored. Map locations are updated once-a-second for greater situation awareness. CCTV cameras can be controlled automatically to follow a threat and thermal cameras can be included as part of the system if required. Highly versatile, AdvanceGuard is on duty 24/7 and operates in all weather and light conditions, offering unrivalled perimeter security, and can detect a limitless array of targets including people, vehicles or boats over water. Additionally, our integrated power management system produces even lower costs of ownership, signficantly so when compared with alternative solutions.

AdvanceGuard works directly with its advanced software suite called Witness. Developed by our specialist software engineering team, Witness is a rules-based alarm generation software system, based on area, direction of movement, speed, time (or any combination of these). Comprising of a series of integrated modules, Witness provides a range of crucial system functions, including tracking targets and controlling cameras to handling the complex algorithms that analyse a target's behaviour and assigning threat levels.

Navtech Radar offers a range of radar systems suitable for use within the AdvanceGuard solution. These operate up to a maximum detection span of 200-1600 metres. Radars are suitable for mounting either close to the ground or several metres up, out of reach as required. Detection and non detection zones can be configured in the Witness software to suit the particular site requirements. Different interfaces are also available including simple alarm output devices though to Security Management System integration, enabling very low false alarm rates.


■  Maintains High Accuracy In Poor Weather, Environmental And All Light Conditions
■  Low False Alarm Rates: 1 Per 24hrs
■  Intruder Classification Of People And Vehicles
■  Intruder History Analysis And Visualisation
■  Scans 360 Degrees Per Second
■  Standard Operating Temperature Range Of -20℃ To +60°C (EXTREME Option Available To Allow -40°C To 65°C)
■  High Range Resolution Between 30-45cms For Detecting Close To And Around Site Infrastructure
■  Low Infrastructure Costs
■  Increased X-Model Mounting Height Improves Visibility Over Objects, Infrastructure And Ground Undulation
■  Effective Over Land And Water Simultaneously Detecting Vessels On Water And Vehicles/People On Land
■  Provides A “Virtual” Perimeter Where It Would Be Impossible To Install Physical Fences Or Barriers
■  Witness Software Specifically Tailored For Security Application
■  Visual And Audio Warnings In Advance Of Perimeter And Area Violations
■  Multiple Intruders Can Be Tracked Simultaneously
■  Rule Based Tracking Allows Alarms To Be Raised Based On Location, Direction Of Movement, Speed And Size I.E. Behaviour

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