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Aeroer Signed Sales Agreement with Navtech Radar
Aeroer signed distribution agreement with Navtech Radar recently. Aeroer was authorized by Navtech radar to develop China market and provide installation and technical services.

Aeroer has many years' experiences in civil aviation and knew the shortcomings and disadvantages of classical perimeter surveillance technology. Navtech's radar system could work in all meteorological conditions, 360 degree scan, self-service, low false alarm rate and etc. The cooperation will exert each side's strength and will definitely benefit both sides.

Navtech Radar is a world leading innovator and multi-award winning designer and manufacturer of commercially deployed radar solutions. Its ground-breaking technology is utilised by clients across many industry sectors, from Security Surveillance and Industrial Automation to Traffic Incident Detection. Navtech has harnessed the power of the latest technology for commercial applications at a fraction of the cost, and to the most exacting quality and standards.
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